What Are Millennials Saying?

  • 43% of Christian Millennials have already left churches
  • 50% of ‘regular attending” Christian Mills are significantly frustrated with their churches (i.e., ready to bail)
  • 87% Christian Millennials believe that their churches are judgmental.
  • 46 percent of Millennials believe the Bible is either an outdated book of teachings or an oppressive book of religious beliefs.
  • 70% of Christian Millennials say that the Church is judgmental.
  • >90% say that the church is homophobic.

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Important Videos for Young Adult Leaders

Who Are the Millennials?

how can we begin to re-engage our millennials?

Recent Talk By Bill Senyard on What can my church do?

Want to Know More?

Contact us! We have easy to use young adult friendly discipleship curriculum, Take Heart YZ and Take Heart YZ Sequel. We are producing a generation of provocative, inclusive, life-changing, dialogic Bible studies with this demographic in mind, Engage. Check it out on the website. We have regular courses on the web. If you want someone to come to speak to your church, home church or leadership, contact us. This is our passion.

Is Your Church a “Guilt/Innocence” or a “Honor/Shame” Church? Listen to the Gospel from both perspectives.

The Take Heart YZ Leader’s Kit

Leader/facilitator/pastor/mentor, everything you need to get things moving is in this kit. You can purchase more of each at the Gospel App shop.

The workbook gives participants access to the HD or SD video links and podcasts that guides them through each lesson. They can go back to the videos or podcasts as often as they would like. Repetition helps.

We have provided a thorough leader’s podcast that takes you through the heart and soul of each lesson and give you practical teaching tricks, tips and techniques for the curriculum.

Kit Includes:

  1x Take Heart YZ Workbook

  1x Take Heart YZ: The Sequel Workbook

  1x The Gospel App Shape (book)

  5x Preaching the Gospel to Yourself Bookmark

  5x Simple Uncluttered Gospel Bookmark

  5x Preaching the Gospel to Yourself Sequel Bookmark

  Access to Leader’s Guide Podcasts (mp3) and Audios (mp3) of all modules

Here is the video of Module #1!

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Check out these helpful videos

Have Some Fun!

Tony Award winning musical Dear Evan Hansen. Listen to Evan sing this song and try to share the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ with him. Do not use theological words or churchy concepts. Speak “millennial” to him. 

Are You Shame or Guilt Prone?

This State Shame and Guilt Scale (SSGS) designed by D.E. Marschall, J. Saftner and J.P. Tangney is a standard research tool for self-rating your in-the-moment feelings of shame and guilt. We will be speaking about what difference the simple uncluttered Gospel can make to your shame and guilt in Module #5 of the Take Heart YZ Curriculum.

State Shame and Guilt Survey


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