Take Heart YZ Prayer Cards


Jesus-follower, in Eph 3:14-21, the Apostle Paul modeled how to preach the Gospel to ourselves. Why do we need to do that? Don’t we already know the Gospel? Sure, of course. And yet Paul suggests that we need to regularly ask for power from God through the Holy Spirit in us to begin to grasp the height, width, length and depth of the love of Christ for us and others. Well that would make a difference in our sense of significance, security and belonging, right? If I was truly experiencing more of God’s love for me today, that would make a real difference. I would probably pray just a little more often, worship more, read my Bible more, give more, be thankful more, want to tell others about this Gospel more. Not perfectly, that’s Heaven, but it could actually make a noticeable difference. I might smile more, complain less, demand less, and dance a little more. The Gospel is that powerful.

Luther and Calvin both felt that preaching the Gospel to ourselves regularly was the key to individual and corporate revival. So we designed these cards to go along with the Take Heart YZ core discipleship/spiritual formation curriculum for younger adults (ages 20-35).

We ask participants to say one of the four prayers aloud to God twice a day (minimum). We are trying to create a new habit that can compete with other not-so-spiritual deeply dug habitual reactionary behaviors within our heads that make us tend to question God’s love and adoration for us (all purchased 2000 years ago for Christians by Jesus Himself alone). Many people have been deeply helped by these prayer cards.

We are now offering them to anyone. Now you don’t need to be going through Take Heart YZ to use these wonderful prayers.
Prayer #1: Make It Rain Prayer
Prayer #2: Preaching the Gospel to My Shame and Guilt
Prayer #3: Preaching the Gospel to My Relational Attachment Wounds
Prayer #4: Preaching the Gospel to My Addictions

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