Simple Uncluttered Gospel Bookmark


At the very core and foundation of all of Gospel App discipleship and spiritual formation materials is our need to preach the Simple Uncluttered Gospel to ourselves every day. This SUG is at the very heart of Luther and Calvin’s revival and reformational strategies.

The SUG is clearly laid out on the front side of the bookmark. On the back side are paraphrased quotes from Martin Luther and John Calvin explaining why we need to keep preaching the Gospel to ourselves all the time.

What should we expect as we begin to preach the SUG to ourselves more often? Paul writes in Rom 1 that the Gospel is the power to believe (Rom 1:16). Believe what? Among other things, it gives us access to power in order to begin to grasp the height, width, length and depth of the love of Christ for us and for others (Eph 3:14-21). That should make a noticeable difference in our lives, right?

Please note, that this is all present tense– i.e., ongoing. We are trying to compete with deeply dug habitual neural reactionary powers in our brains that tend to make us doubt God’s love for us, or at least to question it. It’s brain science.

To compete with such habits, we must develop a new habit of preaching the Gospel to ourselves everyday, or as Luther puts it, we need to hammer it into our heads all the time.

Try it for 3 months. You should notice real differences, not perfect, that’s Heaven. Yet it should make a real difference in your sense of significance, security and belonging. Maybe you will even smile more?