Gospel App 1.0 Workbook (Single)


We Christians have a problem. 2/3rds of young adults have already left our churches. 5000 close every year. One researcher suggested that 20% will shutter their doors in the 18 months after the Covid pandemic. Red Alert!

So many Christians are feeling that we are losing relevance. What if there was a discipleship/spiritual formation curriculum that would re-invigorate your folk–remind them of the power of the simple uncluttered Gospel–and give them the baby-steps to access the height, width, length, and depth of the love of Christ for them, as they are, not as they should be? The Gospel App 1.0 gives the basic foundational discipleship for adults.

How do I apply the Gospel to my guilt? My shame? My sense of identity and self? My addictions? It should make a real difference.

Effective for individuals and groups.