Forgiving Path – Individual License

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What is The Forgiving Path? It is a unique, two-hour, eight-teaching station Gospel-Intensive accessible by any smart device–designed to change lives–even if that hurt or crime happened years ago. There is nothing out there like The Forgiving Path. You’ll see.

We get it. It is hard to imagine that anything ON-LINE and two hours could make a real difference in your life. But if you are a Christian who struggles with some hurt, wound, betrayal, disrespect, bigotry, injustice, or lies, The Forgiving Path can help. Over 1000 Christians have found some sense of healing and justice–not perfectly, that’s for Heaven, but noticeable. It is evidence based so we can prove it that it makes a difference.

You may have tried to forgive dozens of times. Would you be surprised to hear that many people find that as they go through the Path, they had only partially forgiven.

And get this. The Path is shame free. We are not going to just tell you you should work harder to forgive or to give up your right to justice. Not here.

All participants do both Entrance and Exit surveys so he or she will get immediate %Change results according to four scientific metrics. The average results can be seen on the landing page ( along with testimonies of actual participants.

30-day membership (you can do The Path as many times as you want for as many crimes as you want for your membership period).
On-line–Use Any Smart Device
Satisfaction Fully Guaranteed
A fraction of the price of a Counseling Visit