Engage Starter Kit: Jesus Sees and Says and Heals (Single Workbook)


Jesus-Follower, You are Welcomed Here, As You Are!
Whether you are a small group or a house church, we get it. You are overwhelmed, overcommitted, and overconnected. So why would anyone take a couple of hours each week to attend one more thing? We believe that we have an answer to such a reasonable question. Engage groups are intentionally designed gatherings of hopeful Jesus-Followers—deeply Bible-centric dialogues—that provide a safe place where vital life-dialogues can occur, where each participant is equally honored and challenged to apply the simple uncluttered Gospel of Jesus Christ to the real lives of real people in the real world, beginning with themselves. We suppose that there is a place for debates and to show off how much you know. This is not that place! Our expectation each and every week is that your lives will be changed, maybe a little, maybe a lot, but changed by utilizing the power of the simple uncluttered Gospel. If this sounds like fun to you, welcome to Engage. You are welcomed here.

This Engage Starter Kit Participant Workbook is a bit of a taster set. In the Gospels we come across provocative accounts where the author observes that Jesus “sees” or “says” or “heals.” Not just any “sees” or “says” or “heals,” the actions occur in contexts that raise obvious questions. What did it mean that Jesus saw? What did He see? What did the person(s) whom Jesus saw, feel? Why them? I want to be seen that way. You get the idea, right? Same with Jesus “says” or “heals.” Have fun!