Engage Can’t Forgive? (10 Pack)


We Christians have a real problem. Forgiveness is hard. It is really hard. Honestly, we are not very good at it. And it is core to the very heart of the Gospel. God does forgive. Jesus says that we should–a lot. The popular 7-session small group material “Can’t Forgive?” is designed to be used alone or alongside of our on-line experiential path The Forgiving Path (www.forgivingpath.com).

Can’t Forgive? is part of the “Engage” family of small groups, intentionally designed to get everyone involved in a shame-free way.

If you’ve tried to forgive but just aren’t seeing the fruit of it, give this a try. It is unique, evidence based and not the typical approach to forgiving others. You may be surprised. Can’t wait to hear what your experience is with Can’t Forgive and The Forgiving Path.

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