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Monthly Group Site Licensing

We have created inexpensive monthly site licensing to fit any type of group or ministry. 

Pricing options

How it works

  • Choose from one of the four inexpensive monthly site licensing packages.
  • For your convenience, your site license will automatically renew each month.
  • Then freely and simply invite the people you serve to experience The Dance and see immediate results.
  • Use the evidence-based results (averages available on request) to promote what you are doing, encourage admin, staff, clients, donors, and boards.
  • Use The Dance to enhance your brand and set you apart.

Entry Site License

Great place to start. For the monthly subscription fee of $150 you can invite up to 5 people/month through The Dance. It is a 40% savings.

Who might benefit? Are you a single counseling practice? Social work organization? Small church? Once you purchase the automatically renewable monthly site license, you can just focus on inviting people. 


  • Unique evidence-based results are very encouraging to clients. They will see positive results immediately.
  • Make The Dance part of your branding and advertising to differentiate you from competition. 
  • Genuine focus on the simple uncluttered Gospel. 
  • Seamlessly works with your current counseling programs.
  • You can pass some or all of the cost on to clients.
Pricing Options

Bronze, Silver or Gold Site Licenses

Who might benefit from the Bronze (est. 10 new members/mth), Silver (est. 20 new members/mth) or Gold (est. 30 new members/mth)site license? Are you an overwhelmed University Chaplain or Director of the student counseling program? You know that Gen Zs have record-level struggles with lack of enoughness (our euphemism for shame and shame’s family of emotions) and related anxiety, sense of isolation, depression and suicide ideation. You are understaffed for the deluge and your counselors are more and more frustrated. Covid has only made matters worse.

You see the advantage of using The Dance as an intake exercise for students who have requested your services in hopes that it 1) firmly plants the Gospel in the middle of the counseling exercise, 2) works seamlessly along side of your current process and philosophy, 3) provides unique evidence-based immediate results that can be used to promote the department, gain funding, and encourage administrators, staff, students and parents and 4) it may even begin to alleviate some of the immediate urgency of some situations. One social work organization has found that that their clients who have done one of our Gospel Intensives (The Dance and the Forgiving Path) tend to need significantly less counseling. 

Like the Entry Site License Package, you sign up once and then go and do what you were trained to do. You can focus on your clients and getting them the targeted help that you need. Of course, you can cancel your subscription at any time.


Who else might benefit?

Are you a medium to larger church that wants to offer your members and visitors a dynamic mental health tool? Some churches make this an ongoing gift to their community. They set up physical Dance stations in a basement or gym and invite people to schedule a time to go through it. 

Pricing Options

Ask Us About Event, Class and Conference Packages

What if you could design a conference, retreat or class that focuses on the mental health of the participants–around the centrality of the Gospel? Talk about powerful! Imagine 25 or 50 or a 1000 Christians going through The Dance at the same time. Imagine then, those same Christians who have begun to experience some healing from their anxieties, insecurities, shame, and identity issues. Imagine the worship. Imagine the community. Imagine the outreach.

This is our passion and to that end, we have created packages for most sizes of groups, at prices well below list. 

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