Christian, Tired of That Critical Voice In Your Head?  Afraid You Are A Disappointment To God?  It’s Time That You Got Back To The Dance

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“Shame was telling me I was lost, belonged to no one, and God couldn’t love me… I’ve been beating myself up for not “having enough faith”…  Hearing through the Dance that my shame can be healed left me feeling hopeful.”

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Do You Feel…

  • That you are a disappointment to God or others?

  • That you have fallen short of expectations–again.

  • That you lack “enoughness” —You are not smart enough, attractive enough, woke enough, successful enough, or faithful enough,

  • That you lack “connectedness”—You know…there is no one who really knows who you are, that one special person that loves you as you are.

Do you have that nagging inner voice in your brain that is telling you that will never amount to anything?

We made The Dance for you.



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