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About 15 Minutes a Day for 15 Days

Welcome Christian Parent/Caregiver/Guardian to this very important spiritual journey. We think that this could positively shift the trajectory of your parenting– a little or a lot. This is true whether you think that you are a “good-enough” or not so “good-enough” parent. Isn’t that great news? Be encouraged.

And it is totally free, absolutely no charge. It is our gift to frustrated Christian parents. Once you sign up, you will get a 10-15 minute video tip every day for 15 days. Very doable.

Parenting Teens and Tweens Today is Very Hard!

No shame from us. You are not alone. According to a Barna 2021 survey, 73% of U.S. parents are concerned about their children’s spiritual development. Those are shocking numbers—but you probably already knew that. They are likely even higher now due to increasing concerns about the lingering fears of pandemic, violence in the streets, ongoing environmental concerns, racism, sexuality confusions, education system battles, and of course the ever-present concerns with out-of-control social media.

You could probably use a hand. We can help. So many parents are trying and failing to be near perfect parents. It can be so discouraging. We will teach you how to be a “good enough” parent. It will make a huge difference. You will see.

15 Gospel-Immersed Tips

GEP is a unique amalgamation of the singular gospel of Jesus with the best of neuroscience and attachment theory. Don’t be intimidated, anyone can do these 15 tips. And, they are short–only 10-15 minutes long. We know that you are busy.

Did you know that during adolescence (ages 9-19), your teen’s brain is undergoing a massive restructuring? Nothing has been seen like that since they were infants. That also means that this is a perfect time to encourage the right kind of growth. GEP can show you how.  You can do this.

GEP is 100% Shame-Free

GEP is totally shame-free. You’ve been beat-up enough. We will not be telling you that you’ve messed it up or just need to do more, or to work harder. Not at all.  We are going to show you a different way–very Biblical. We are investing in you and your family so that you would enjoy becoming a more-good-enough-parent.

Don’t put it off. Get started now. Press the get started now button below, get registered and you will get your first tip emailed to you within a day.

Don’t feel like a failure any longer. Get started now.

Welcome to Good Enough Parent.

Want To Know More? 

Want to know more?

Don’t Forget Dr. Bill’s Newest Book for 10-15 year olds

Tale of the Unlikely Prince is the first book in the Kingdom Quest Series which combines thrilling adventure, epic fantasy, great characters, humor, and life-changing lessons for young teens and tweens.

18-year-old Prince Yeled wanted to finally prove to his adoptive father that he was worthy of being the prince heir. But what could he possibly do? He asks for a quest—no, a great quest—no, a heroically astonishing quest—challenging enough to prove his enoughness and finally earn the King’s respect and love. Yeled will learn through thrilling, quirky, and sometimes unbelievable twists and turns that not all quests are what they might seem, and, more importantly, this King is definitely not what he appears.

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