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Tired of re-living the event over and over in your mind. Weary of trying to “choose to forgive”–but not seeing any changes? Forgiving someone who hurt you is very hard work, often with so little to show for is. It can consume a great deal of your time and emotional energy. No matter where you are on the pain scale, the Forgiving Path can help. Aren’t you tired of forgiveness related…

    • Stress
    • Sadness
    • Depression
    • Anger
    • Shame
    • Fear
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On average, Since June 2020 participants experienced:

21% DECREASE in their desire to avoid the person who hurt them.

20.1% DECREASE in their desire for revenge.

38.2% INCREASE in their feelings of benevolence toward the person who hurt them.

77.8% INCREASE in their experience of justice for the crime.

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