Forgiving Path: Justice Reclaimed

It’s a Dirty Little Secret!

Your brain is designed to NOT forgive.

That is the conclusion that so many  neuroscientists, clinicians, researchers and counselors are coming to. Your midbrain will do what ever it takes to prevent you from being hurt again–forgiving someone without experiencing justice first, perhaps an apology, trial or credible statement of regret fits into that category.

Doesn’t that begin to explain why you’ve failed trying to CHOOSE to forgive? Even after hours with a counselor, your brain was still working against you.

“I think I have actually forgiven the person who hurt me. Is that what you guys do here?”

Forgiving Path: Justice Reclaimed: Did you know that your brain is designed by God to need an experience of justice before it can forgive? Doesn’t that begin to explain why you have struggled so much trying to forgive–and suffered failure over and over again? No judgment here. It turns out that it’s not all your fault.

Forgiving Path gives you the trial your midbrain has been jonesing for. 

FP is totally on-line–eight structured video stations(10-15 minutes each) that will carefully take you from due diligence, testimonies, to a judicial decision for your unique specific hurt. Then you will receive an immediate report of %changes experienced based upon your own self-reported before and after surveys. There is nothing like this anywhere else. 

Forgiving Path was developed by biblical scholars and trained forgiveness facilitators. It only takes a couple of hours of time on any computer or smart device. It is totally confidential and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

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Why Bring Your Wound to the Forgiving Path: Justice Reclaimed?

We Give You a Trial! The pinnacle of the Forgiving Path is a trial before God as Judge, where you are the honored plaintiff. There is nothing like this out there.

Evidence-Based Approach: Our interventions are rooted in psychological research and proven therapeutic techniques. Using scientific before and after surveys, all participants will immediately see results according to four metrics.

Inexpensive and Convenient: The Forgiving Path is a fraction of the cost of a typical counseling visit and only takes 2-3 hours to complete in the comfort of your own smart device.

Shame Free: We won’t pressure you to just try harder to forgive. Instead, we understand that there are valid human reasons behind why forgiveness has been difficult for you. Curious to explore more?

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Author of 2012 Doctoral Thesis-“Evaluation of the Forgiveness Labyrinth as a Stand-Alone Device to Facilitate Forgiveness Between Christians”

Do You Have Anything For My Teens?

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