Powerful On-Line Gospel Intensives Designed to Work With Groups of Any Shape or Size

We know your clients want relief from that shaming critical voice in their heads.


We can prove it!

That’s hard to believe, isn’t it? In 2 1/2 hours–ON-LINE– participants can actually feel less revenge, more empathy, less needing to avoid the person who hurt them and a new profound sense of justice that is critical to the process of Biblical forgiveness. Remember, God never just gives up His right to justice. He never just chooses to forgive. That is one of the key reasons for the Cross. Why do we think that human victims could ever be more magnanimous than God?

So we give participants a creative spiritual trial before God as the Judge where they can finally begin to experience justice. It is so powerful. Shame-free and honoring. 

Then they can begin to forgive a little. In fact, then, they begin to want to forgive. It’s true. Not perfectly, that’s for Heaven, but it is noticeable. Over 1000 Christians have found noticeable relief. 

Don’t take our word for it. We don’t want you to use anything that you are not completely comfortable with. So, we would like you to try The Path yourself at an huge 80% discount. Just put “grouptrial” in the coupin slot on the registration page.


It Works! 

Check out the reported average results since December 2020. This is one of the things that sets our Gospel Intensives (The Dance and The Forgiving Path) apart from the crowd. We give participants, upon completion, instant % change results based upon scientific metrics. Not only is this an immediate encouragement to the participants, admin and staff, but it can also be used to help further define your brand and advertising, help you raise money from donors, and help to get the word out about what you are doing. Nothing speaks more than measurable success.   

The Forgiving Path can be a powerful part of your group toolkit. The Path has been designed to be used by anyone who ministers to groups of any type, shape or size: counselors, social workers, pastors, prison ministers, chaplains, missionaries, college counseling programs, or coaches. The Path should work right alongside of whatever therapy you are currently using. 

We offer a range of inexpensive monthly site licenses as well as a variety of event packages for conferences and retreats.