Jesus said “Go! Make Disciples.”

OK, we know that. We also know that we should be and could be doing more of that. We believe that most of the Jesus-Followers in your churches already know the Gospel well enough that they could be more dynamic and faithful proclaimers of the good news of Jesus. We do not think that ignorance is the prime reason why it is not happening as much as we would like. So, do you really think another “Evangelism Weekend” will make that big a difference? How did the last one do? 

The Gospel Reset seminars, web training and talks take a very different approach. Check this out! We have observed that there are two main reasons why your church is not a dynamic productive witnessing machine. That’s right, two main reasons. 

First, your well-meaning folk are afraid. They are afraid of failing, of getting it wrong, of falling on their face and of course, fearful of being rejected. Fear is a very powerful demotivator. 

Second–no judgment here–your people just don’t really love their neighbors, at least not like Jesus loves their neighbors. Because if they did, they would be tripping over themselves to share such good news, right? 

So what if we could share Biblical baby-steps where your folk would begin to feel a little less fear and a little more love for their neighbors? Wouldn’t you suspect that the fruit of that would be just a little more motivation to share the Gospel? We do too.

The Gospel Reset has been designed with such regular Jesus-Followers in mind. The series of talks are very Biblical, provocative, fun and totally shame and guilt free. Our goal is to access new motivation to want to share the Gospel more. Cool? The Gospel Reset is normally structured to be a weekend conference (Friday night, Saturday 8:30-4:30, and Sunday morning), but can be adjusted to fit your situation and preferences. 

Here are some of the titles that we will pick from based upon your context:

    “The Beginning of the End of Loneliness” (On Grace)

    “Possibly the Worst Gospel Presentation Ever” (John 4)

    “Preaching the Gospel to My Amygdala” (1 John 4:18)

    “Martin Luther’s Secret to Revival”

    “You Foolish Galatians” 

    “The Story of Two Sons” (Luke 15)

    “Do We Really Understand What Jesus Meant When He Said “Go!”?”

    “The One Thing You Really Need” (Eph 3:14-21)

Here’s another way to look at it. Imagine a “Going and Making Disciples” Scale of 0-10, your church is smack dab in the middle at a “5”. What if we can come alongside you in a weekend and move your group to a “6”? That’s not “10”, right. But, it’s likely doable. Truth told, its a 20% positive movement. What business person wouldn’t want a 20% improvement to the bottom line? 

Contact us at with your questions about calendar and costs.