Gospel Rant Shame Meter 2020: Oscar Nominated Films–1917

Last year we looked at each of the Oscar nominated Best Picture Films and ranked them related to the prevalence of shame in the film. We created a “Shame-Meter” that ranks films 0-10, with 0 being no shamed loneliness and 10 being abusive and de-humanizing shame and painful brain loneliness. It was surprising just how core shame and shaming was to the stories last year. Our contention is that we as a society have grown nose-blind to shame and its destructive power in our identities, families, and communities. If we can’t see it, we clearly can’t dialogue about it. It is at the root of so much incivility and loneliness today. So every year, we try to “out” shame and let loneliness out of the stigma closet.