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Welcome to the Gospel App

The Gospel App is a different kind of spiritual formation/discipleship journey. Most discipleship programs emphasize what we should be doing in order to be better followers of Jesus, or put a little differently, to become more like Christ. It sounds so pious that it has to be right, right? We don’t think so. Biblically it is putting the cart before the horse with very little hope of real lasting success. 

Check it out, Jesus Follower. This is the Simple Uncluttered Gospel. Reading from the Simple Uncluttered Gospel bookmark that you will receive in your Leader’s Kit, “Jesus-Follower, strictly because of what Jesus did for you 2000 years ago, God has to love you, He does love you with all of His heart, as much as the Father loves the Son and the Son loves the Father. He can’t love you any more or any less than He does right now. He loves you as you are, not as you should be or could be. You can’t add to this love, or take away from it. Now I get it, it often feels like you’ve messed it up, or need to do something so that God would like you better. Not so. Good news, there is something that you can do, and are invited to do. You can take daily baby-steps to ask the Spirit inside you to make you know, experience, feel, just how much God loves you right now. Also ask the Spirit to give you His love for your neighbor. Just ask. Ask again later today. Ask tomorrow. Make it a spiritual habit.” 

Now follow me. We would all agree that this is true, am I right? But what if I could really experience that love just a little bit more today than yesterday? Wouldn’t that make a real observable difference in how often I pray? Wouldn’t it change how I read my Bible? Or worship? Or give or serve? Wouldn’t it change my motivation to go and tell my family, friends and neighbors about the Gospel? Not perfectly, that’s Heaven. But a little more?

How can you experience that love and adoration a little more? No worries. In Gospel App, we will give you the simple baby steps to acheving that goal. You will notice a real difference in your experience of the  relationship with God that Jesus alone has already purchased for you. Cool? 

In seven lessons of Gospel App 1.0, participants will learn how to preach the Simple Uncluttered Gospel to their entrenched guilt, shame, those nagging unresolved relational attachment wounds they may have been carrying for years, and even their addictions. Not perfectly, that’s Heaven.

We will give regular Christians the Biblical baby-steps needed to experience just a little more of the height, width, length and depth of the love of Christ for them and for others (Eph 3:14-21)–a least a little more than yesterday. It should be noticeable.

We willI build on that foundation in the seven lessons of Gospel App 2.0. Here we will teach participants how to preach the Simple Uncluttered Gospel to their struggles with their faith, repentance, ongoing relational conflicts, their “can’t forgives”, their undulating prayer life and finally, their wavering motivation to go and tell this Gospel to others. No judgment. We all need power from God to see any success in these areas. Us too. 

Interesting? Plunge in. 

The Gospel App Leader’s Kit

Leader/facilitator/pastor/mentor, everything you need to get things moving is in this kit. You can purchase more of each at the Gospel App shop.

The workbook gives participants access to the HD or SD video links and podcasts that guides them through each lesson. They can go back to the videos or podcasts as often as they would like. Repetition helps.

We have provided a thorough leader’s podcast that takes you through the heart and soul of each lesson and give you practical teaching tricks, tips and techniques for the curriculum. 

Kit Includes:

  1x Gospel App 1.0 Workbook

  1x Gospel App 2.0 Workbook

  1x The Gospel Shape (book)

  5x Preaching the Gospel to Yourself Bookmark

  5x Simple Uncluttered Gospel Bookmark

   1x Card with all Video, Audio, and Leader Guide Links

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