Good Enough Parent YouTube Channel Launched

Good Enough Parent,
Do you want to know why little Jonnie blows up when you try to get him to eat his veggies? Or when you say ‘no’ to a sleepover at Jasmine’s? Or why it takes your lovely daughter so long to emotionally regulate after a blow up?

Are you worried that there are vast gaps between you, that can’t be fixed?

There is help available. Did you know that your adolescent’s brain is asking two questions–subconciously–24-7. The answers to these questions, or lack of answers drives them unaware. It affects their emotions, their relationships, their choices, the risks that they are taking, how they respond to you and others. Imagine if you knew the answer to these two questions and became the primary source for the answers?

It makes a difference. So we are providing resources for you. All free at the time of this post. First, there is ( It is a FREE online program for frustrated Christian parents who want to be ‘more’ good enough parents. We will send participants 15 short biblical video tips every day for 15 days. So simple. Very sophisticated blend of the gospel with attachment theory and neuroscience. You will learn your child’s attachment style and ways that you can help them feel more ‘secure’. Go to the landing page and check it out. There is a helpful intro video there (

Second, we have just launched a YouTube Channel for Christian parents. It is also called “Good Enough Parent.” Weekly videos that can help you do the very best you can do. Subscribe and you will be alerted for weekly updates.

Let us know what your specific questions might be.

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