Good Enough Parent Results 

Assuming that you did both the Entrance and Exit Questionnaires, we will be sending your % Change results as soon as possible by email. Thanks for your patience.

We are focused on four helpful and important metrics for Good Enough Parents. 

  • How Am I Feeling About My Relationship with My Child?
  • How Am I Feeling About My Child’s Relationship with God?
  • How Am I Feeling About My Own Relationship with God?
  • How Much Do I Understanding What’s Going On In My Child’s Brain?

We hope and expect that all four % Changes are positive. Since you are the first group through, we can only speculate for now.  All of the results are subjective based upon your Entrance and Exit answers. But nonetheless important. If your numbers go down (a negative %Change), we would invite you to tell us more in the Beta Questionnaire below. If you have questions or concerns, let us know, (

What do the % Change numbers mean? What Good Enough Parent doesn’t want to feel better about their relationship with their child, or their child’s apparent relationship with God, or even their own experience of their own relationship with God. Every parent wants to know what-the-heck is happening in our child’s brain. We hope that we have begun to accomplish positive movement in each.  

Thanks Again!

You have been a great help to us, and hopefully God has used this in your family. We hope so. Let’s stay in touch. Any questions?