Congratulations Christian Parent!

You made it all the way through Good Enough Parent. Good on you. Hopefully it has already begun to make an incremental difference in your relationship with your child. A good strategy is to grab one or two of the tips and really lean into them for a few months.

Also, keep saying the Simple Uncluttered Gospel aloud twice a day. You are developing a new very powerful Gospel habit and preaching the gospel to your nasty inner critical voice. Do it as consistently as possible for a couple of months. 

But let’s see where there is some movement. At the beginning, you took the Good Enough Parent Entrance Questionnaire. It is now time to do the Exit Questionnaire. Much will look familiar to you. Please fill it out fully. Your comments can be of great help to us. 

Once you are done with the Questionnaire, press ‘submit’ then press the button at the bottom of the Questionnaire page to hear more about GEP Results.

We will send you your % Change result as quick as possible. Once GEP has been publicly launched, participants will get their % Change results immediately and on-line. Thanks for your patience.

GEP Exit Questionnaire