Tip #1

“Good Enough Parents Get The Simple Uncluttered Gospel More Than Not-Good-Enough Parents”

Welcome to Day 1 of this 15-day journey to become more “Good Enough Parents” — a little or a lot. Each day we will send you a new email with a link to a new helpful Biblical tip (a 10-15 minute video).

IMPORTANT: Check your emails for your new tip every day!

Every situation is different. We get that. We are honored to come alongside you and help you lean into “good enough”. You will see what we mean. To get started, just press on the “Watch Now” button below. 


We will mention the following “Simple Uncluttered Gospel” in the video Tip #1. We wanted you to have it.  Enjoy.

“Jesus-Follower, strictly because of what Jesus did for you 2000 years ago, God absolutely loves you. He does love you with all of His heart, as much as the Father loves the Son and the Son loves the Father. He can’t love you any more or any less than He does right now. He loves you as you are, not as you should be or could be. You can’t add to this love, or take away from it. Now I get it, it often feels like you’ve messed it up, or need to do something so that God would like you better. Not so. How do you experience it more now? Simple! Good news, there is something that you can do, and are invited to do. You can take daily baby-steps to ask the Spirit inside of you to make you know, experience, and feel, just how much God loves you right now. Just ask. Ask again later today. Ask tomorrow. Make it a spiritual habit.”

Good Enough Parent is 100% Shame Free

What we provide is so different from other parenting programs.  Virtually all other programs think that our goal is to become more like Jesus. That’s a good thing. But honestly—that goal can be very shaming. Who is like Jesus? Am I right? Instead, a GEP understands that our primary initial goal is to become more dependent upon Jesus. Becoming like him only happens as we grow in dependence. Doesn’t that make sense? Those are two different things. Two very different strategies. Enjoy Tip #1.


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