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More Words For a Pandemic (2)

Hey, Dr. Bill Senyard here with the Forgiving Path and Gospel Rant. Great feedback on the last two Words. I will answer one of the more interesting comments. First, no, the Trinity does not practice social distancing. Second—that’s way above my paygrade. Thanks for the question. At least you were listening. Good on you. The […]

More Words For a Pandemic

March 23, 2020 Hey, Bill Senyard here and this is the Gospel Rant. Like most people, I am hunkered down in my home. Bummer. But it gives me time to do this more. In my last podcast/blog, I wanted to share something that is helping me balance my life under siege. No one is taking […]

Words For A Pandemic

I am not a pandemic expert by any stretch. I don’t ever want to be one. I do know something about panic and fear (by the way, I am not making critical statements here at all–trust me–just saying). In our brain, when we feel threatened, attacked, or helpless, something automatically kicks in. It is how […]

Gospel Rant Shame Meter 2020: Oscar Nominated Films—Little Women

Last year we looked at each of the Oscar nominated Best Picture Films and ranked them related to the prevalence of shame in the film. We created a “Shame-Meter” that ranks films 0-10, with 0 being no shamed loneliness and 10 being abusive and de-humanizing shame and painful brain loneliness. It was surprising just how […]

Gospel Rant #134: Why We Feel Shame Around the Holidays?

Holidays and family gatherings can be amazing–but they can also be awkward, difficult and even toxic. Is there anything that we can do? Sure. Check it out.

Can the Forgiving Path really help me forgive that deeply entrenched wound? Yep!

Here is a running average of results from participants of the Forgiving Path for 2019 year to date. It describes the results of changes of four scientific forgiving metrics according to the self-reported before and after Forgiving Path survey. The Gospel is very powerful and is all about forgiving. Age range of participants is from […]


Dropout rate from churches of young adults with a Christian Background has increased from 59% in 2011 up to an alarming 64% in 2019 per Barna. It is time to re-evaluate how churches are communicating the Gospel. Check out Dr. Bill Senyard’s Gospel Rant podcast, “Is your church Guilt-innocence or Honor-Shame?” on Spreaker , […]