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Are You Leaving It All The Court, Christian?

Church Historian Professor at Gordon-Conwell, Richard Lovelace argues in his book, The Dynamics of Spiritual Life: “Only a fraction of the present body of professing Christians are solidly appropriating the justifying work of Christ in their lives.  Many have so light an apprehension of God’s holiness and of the extent and guilt of their sin […]

Five Ways Love Affects The Brain

By Tanya Lewis, Live Science Staff Writer | February 14, 2014 11:04am ET OK, full disclosure. I just copied Tanya Lewis’s full article from Live Science (see below). Not being lazy…I just thought that she did a really good job laying this topic out. Why is this here at Gospel-App? We are beginning to see just how […]

Gospel Rant Podcast 115: Shame and Evangelism

So how do all of these podcasts on shame help us with reaching the world for Christ? It all seems so negative. I had a friend who was a missionary to the Palestinians for years. He learned that the best way to get a dialogue going that didn’t offend or cause the person to click […]

Gospel Rant 113: Hey Mills, We’ve Got Your Back !

Have you seen the recent Jillian Jacobs Diet Coke commercial? Check it out on You Tube ( “Look, Here’s the thing about Diet Coke. (She takes a drink) It’s delicious! It makes me feel good. Life is short. If you want to live in a yurt, yurt it up. If you want to run a […]