Monthly Archives: November 2018

Gen Z is the Loneliest Generation So Far!

Did you see the latest Cigna study on loneliness in the US? It is epidemic in proportion. According to the UCLA Loneliness Scale, Millennials (ages 23-38) score 43.3% Not good at all. Gen Z (18-22) is even worse, a whopping 48.3%. On average? 44% of the US population would be considered “lonely”. Being this lonely […]

Want to Take the UCLA Loneliness Scale Survey?

[bctt tweet =”Want to Take the UCLA Loneliness Scale Survey”] INSTRUCTIONS: Indicate how often each of the statements below is descriptive of you. Never  Rarely  Sometimes  Often *1. How often do you feel that you are “in tune” with the people around you? 1          2              […]

Does Your Church Know How to Preach the Gospel to Loneliness?

[bctt tweet= “Pastor, Do You Know How to Intentionally Preach the Simple Gospel to Your Congregation’s Loneliness?”] New Cigna Study Says Almost Half of Adults (no doubt including those in our congregations) Feel Alone or Left Out. According to this brand new survey of more than 20,000 US adults ages 18 and older, we have a […]