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Our passion is to proclaim God’s love for the unlovable, the unloved and the unlovely. That’s all of us to one degree or another every day if we were just a little bit honest.

We’ve got your back. Instead of shaming you with tired spiritual language and unhelpful institutional church baggage, we offer you unique dynamic tools that can help you get unstuck.

Do they work? Yep, we can prove it. Sound different? It is! Welcome to Gospel App.

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Dance Daughters of the Most High!

Seven misunderstood or unappreciated women of the Old Testament. Great for women’s bible studies or book clubs. [Men too!] Amazon More Info?

The Rabboni: The Lost Mission Journals of St. Matthew

What happens to Matthew after the Chosen? He becomes a missionary to Ethiopia. In this historical fiction, Dr. Bill explores what that might have looked like. Are you curious what Christianity may have looked like 35 years after Jesus? Check it out. 

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Tale of the Unlikely Prince

Exciting new young adult fantasy for 10-15 year olds. The first of the Kingdom Quest Trilogy.

18-year-old Prince Yeled wanted to finally prove to his adoptive father that he was worthy of being the prince-heir. But what could he possibly do? He asks for a quest—no, a great quest—no, a heroically astonishing quest—challenging enough to prove his enoughness and finally earn the King’s respect and love. Yeled will learn through thrilling, quirky, and sometimes unbelievable twists and turns that not all quests are what they might seem, and, more importantly, this King is definitely not what he appears.


“Life Changing Book!” LARRY YODER, former publisher’s representative and developmental editor.

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We Are All About the Simple Uncluttered Gospel

Looking for Simple Uncluttered Gospel Bookmarks?

You are in the right place!

The Original

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For Women

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For Addicts

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Parents of Teens

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For The Dance

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Virtual classrooms

Our Individual On-Line Evidence-Based Experiential Paths

Good Enough Parent

Created for frustrated and weary Christian parents/caretakers/guardians. 15 short helpful video tips, one sent every day for 15 days. Each tip is immersed in the Gospel and informed by the latest in neuroscience and attachment theory. 

Here’s what some are saying:

  • My child isn’t isolating as much. I am more relaxed as a parent and asking God to direct my words with my child. 
  • I really appreciated the non-shaming approach Dr. Senyard took to this information. 
  • I am now more able to take a step back when we have arguments and not get so offended by what my daughter is saying.
  • I loved the repeated message – we are not trying to be more like God, we are trying to depend on him more. 
  • I found the tips regarding brain development and attachment styles to be very helpful. Reasoning with a brain that’s still developing usually doesn’t go well! I was moved by the “why do I feel this way” prayer. 
  • This whole program was exactly what I needed. The most beneficial reminder was that I just need to get 30% right to be a good enough parent. 
  • Just hearing you say the phrase “good enough” every day for two weeks helped plant it in my brain and heart. 
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The Dance

Are you a Christian, but wonder what God feels toward you right now, as you are? Maybe you struggle with self-esteem, shame related emotions, feel like a disappointment, have fallen short of expectations, or depressed? Have mommy or daddy issues–and who doesn’t?  Wonder if others would still like you if they knew your secrets? You are not alone. Welcome to The Dance. 

In The Dance, we will teach you how to apply the simple uncluttered Gospel to that nasty critical voice in your head. Very powerful. Does it work? Sure, we can prove it. You will take the before and after surveys to see scientifically where there has been movement. 

  • 6- virtual sessions (each 20-30 minutes)
  • Scientific on-line before and after surveys (immediate feedback)
  • Perfect for individual or group
  • Workbook available
  • Total time: Under 2 hours
  • Up To 59% Discount for Groups
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The Forgiving Path

We get it. Forgiving others is really hard. But it is at the very heart of the Gospel. We are counting on it. But we just aren’t very good at it. A quarter of all Christians have something or someone that they just can’t forgive. That’s a lot of people. These Christians just might begin to think that there is something wrong with them. Maybe they lack faith or are a disappointment to Jesus. Perhaps that’s you?

Enter the Forgiving Path. It is a eight-station journey towards a new kind of forgiveness. Does it work? Sure, we can prove it. We use before and after surveys to give immediate feedback according to four scientific metrics. Over 1000 people have been helped. Do the Path on any smart device. Just a couple of hours. And it is satisfaction guaranteed. Check it out.

  • Nine helpful virtual “stations” on the single journey
  • Scientific on-line before and after surveys (immediate feedback)
  • Two associated small group studies available
  • Total time: Under 2 hours
  • Discount for Groups
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Jesus Said What? 

The Radical Beatitudes

Seven Small Group Lessons (video links included)

Can I ask you a question? How many times have you heard the Beatitudes and felt worse than you did before? You are not alone. It’s not all your fault. Something is horribly wrong! 

The Beatitudes are all about what happens when the Kingdom of God bumps into ill-prepared and broken people. Did you know that all of us have two recurring questions for God? Just let them bounce around your grey matter for a bit.

  • Am I worthy of your love?
  • Can I count on you?

Doesn’t that make a lot of sense?

So what happened? On that lonely hillside in Galilee, that group of throw-aways got “Yes!” answers to both questions. The unenviable became enviable.

It’s the real spiritual deal that so many of us are looking for in all the wrong places. In fact, this should be at the heart of social justice conversations today.

John Barclay gets it right.

“Those who have been reconstructed by the Christ-event are no longer invested in the forms of ‘capital’ in which most people find their worth. Since ethnicity, status, and gender are no longer criteria of superior worth and since God pays no regard to the ‘face’ but distributes his grace without regard to worth, the normal grounds for competition have lost their significance. The believer’s true and only worth is constituted by his/her identity ‘in Christ,’ a gift received, not a status inherited or achieved.”

Curious how this would make a real difference in your spiritual walk? In your relationships? In your sense of self-worth? Your community?

All are welcomed at Engage studies. Everyone has a seat at this table.

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Engage (Young Adult) Small Group Study for Those Who Struggle to Forgive Something or Someone. Designed to Be Used Alone or Integrate with The Forgiving Path. 


Small Group Study for Those Who Struggle to Forgive Something or Someone. Designed to Be Used Alone or Integrate with The Forgiving Path. 


Popular Engage (Young Adult) Small Group Study Journeying Along Mark’s Easter


Fascinating and Provocative Engage (Young Adult) Small Group Study Looking at Jesus Through Mark’s Eyes


Core Spiritual Formation Program for Adults (pt. 1)


Core Spiritual Formation Program for Adults (pt. 2)


Basic Life-Changing Spiritual Formation Program for Young Adults (pt. 1)


Basic Life-Changing Spiritual Formation Program for Young Adults (pt. 2)


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